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    OVER THE RAINBOW 夢(志)の向こうに

    Dragon soul group for privatization group independence in the world does not accept any organization management。
    The original name of the dragon soul "dragon city" was founded in 221 BC。

    The dragon ancestors left earth for interstellar exploration in 263 BC。
    Dragon soul should continue the ancestor ambition as soon as possible to start interstellar exploration to trace the ancestors。
    The creation of dragon soul requires the joint efforts of all。
    Increase the quantity and quality of scientific and technological research to create a better future。

    Dragon soul group was founded in the old pursuit of a new challenge to explore the heart to change themselves。

    Dragon S Group
    Dragon Jason

    Dragon soul group label

    Dragon soul group was founded in 221 BC and was originally named dragon city
    The ancient king of qin attacked the dragon city, the dragon city by ancient scholars from various countries, the dragon city in 263 BC left the earth to start the journey of interstellar exploration.
    Dragon soul group independent of the world, inspirational to create a journey of interstellar exploration.

    Dragon soul group label

    • strong
    • explore
    • develop
    • Environmental protection
    • The vast
    • Science fiction
    • mysterious



    Concept of the target

    1. Completed the establishment of the group's organizational structure
    2. Preparation before exploration
    3. Preliminary exploration
    4. Developing space mining
    5. Complete a long journey of discovery

    Outline of research direction of dragon soul group。
    If you like the research direction can be directly click or enter the dragon soul scientific research platform to see the specific.

    Dormancy warehouse
    The dormancy bin is life on a long voyage of exploration, and having a dormancy bin will make it easier and faster to complete exploration missions.

    New materials
    Lightweight, high-strength new deck materials are essential, with a strong shell to withstand the harsh environment of space and all kinds of complex situations.

    Warp engine
    It's one of the most important things that a transition engine can do to solve the problem of how fast a normal engine can travel between galaxies. Progress so far is 64%.

    Shield system
    The shield system is conducive to the combination of gravity, magnetism and repulsion to resist the impact of meteorites and particles to ensure the stability and safety of navigation.

    A complete ecosystem would provide a constant supply of food, water, animals, oxygen and other vital ingredients for life.

    Interstellar energy
    A long-lasting source of energy will provide the engine with powerful power to shorten the time between destinations and complete the exploration faster to go to more distant directions.


    Dragon soul group by science and technology research, virus research, aerospace, precision instruments, spacecraft production, processors, space mining, metal smelting and other divisions.
    The group has scientific research, discussion, release, sharing and other platforms composed of scientific research platform.
    The group also has a big data office platform to form an online office communication platform.

    general manager
    Human manager


    Dragon soul group branch brief

    Dragon soul one space station - dockyard

    Dragon Jason
    Is expected to set up
    In June 2025
    The expected cost
    1.8 billion dollars
    Preliminary exploration, route planning, spacecraft assembly, etc.
    [high orbit]
    [email protected]

    The dragon soul headquarters

    [Cn] Dragon s town-1 S block

    [US] Las Vegas - dragon s city


    Management of the elite

    With management experience, graduated from management department, self-motivated, enough time to accept zero salary, stock system salary,
    At present, there are no fixed working hours, no restrictions on working place, and you need to go to dragon soul headquarters for official registration after the official start
    Resume sent to: [email protected]

    Technical director

    Manage the network department of dragon soul group. Must have at least 3 years of experience and be willing to accept an initial zero salary bonus
    Serious work at the end of the allocation of shares, in order to be able to complete the task of Jackie chan soul group can serve other enterprises to obtain funds.
    Resume sent to: [email protected]

    Director of human

    Have experience in human resources management, complete the recruitment of the group's zero-salary staff, can accept the initial zero-salary bonus system at the end of the year.
    Those who work hard shall allocate shares at the end of the year and allow other enterprises to work if they can fulfill the tasks of Jackie chan soul group.
    Resume sent to: [email protected]


    Financial management experience, must be a relevant vocational school graduate, can accept the initial zero salary bonus system at the end of the year. In the ability to complete the task of Jackie chan soul group allows other enterprises to work, work hard at the end of the distribution of shares.
    Resume sent to: [email protected]

    Other jobs

    According to their own situation to send a resume, network office, zero salary, the annual assessment can be qualified for the management,
    Bonus/share award for outstanding performance.
    Resume sent to:[email protected]

    general manager

    Management experience in large enterprise groups and the ability to perform assigned tasks without any capital is required.
    The general manager shall have 3 members in total. The general manager shall distribute shares only without any salary and without any special restrictions.

    Dragon s group human resources department
    [email protected]
    Dragon s group management department
    [email protected]
    Founder of dragon s group
    [email protected]